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The Danielle Hope Forum was founded on the 23rd of May 2010, the day after Danielle won the BBC One talent show Over the Rainbow.  Initially an outgrowth of the Danielle Hope Appreciation Threads on the Digital Spy forums, the Forum quickly gained members and grew into the most widely recognized Danielle Hope fansite on the internet.  Although the forum is primarily run by fans from two countries (USA and UK), our membership includes fans from several other countries as well, making us a truly international fan organization. 


We have also been officially endorsed by Danielle herself, and she has been generous to cooperate in several areas—including exclusive Q and A sessions and interviews, as well as authorizing some exclusive photos for use on our site.  Our forum (click on “Forum” to join) has become a fun community in which fans can meet, interact and discuss Danielle’s career as well as general theatre topics and other interests.  We also have an active Twitter following and a YouTube page with many videos of Danielle’s performances and interviews.

Even though we are just fans doing this for fun, we aim to run this site in the most professional way possible, and to be the best fan source for news, photos and information about rising West End star Danielle Hope.   Thanks to all of our members for all their support, and of course to Danielle herself.  To all who read this site, we hope you find it fun and informative. 

Viva La Speranza! *

Michelle (SnoopMK) -- Founder and Admin
BabyDragon -- Web Designer/Editor and Resident Tech Guru


*”La Speranza” means “Hope” in Italian.  It’s a nickname that one of our forum members (Lucabrasi) gave to Danielle, and it has stuck.  “Viva La Speranza” literally means “Long live the Hope”.




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